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Fall has begun and so has the most profitable sales time of the year. Time for the final spurt this year! In fall, the MLM industry is even more lively than it is anyway. Most MLM companies hold their annual mega events during this season, present groundbreaking new products and offer their partners even more lucrative opportunities in their marketing plans.

Since the start of this year, a new trend has been observed in the global MLM industry. More and more companies are launching programs that are specially tailored to the needs of young people of the "generation Y." "Generation Y" includes 18 - 34 year olds, the first generation that grew up with the Internet. Those who belong to "generation Y" use social media as a matter of course and put different expectations on their work than representatives of older generations do. And since the regular labor market hardly offers any good opportunities to young people, MLM companies recognize a huge potential here.

In the cover story of our current issue, we tell you the stories of 10 young people who have become real MLM superstars within a very short period of time. These 10 representatives of "generation Y" come from various countries, very few had previous experience in MLM and many originally came from very humble circumstances. But they all have one thing in common: They are all under 30 years old and have established an enormously successful MLM business.

As always, the current issue of OBTAINER WORLDWIDE is brimming with exciting news and articles. Learn what is happening in the investigations against TelexFREE and why the MLM giant Avon has left the American Direct Selling Association. We will report on Erik Münchmeyer and his success at FGXpress and on Jürgen Pulvermüller, who became National Director at ViSalus in just 43 days.

In addition, we provide you with valuable tips about how you can build your own MLM business even more effectively and therefore can be even more successful. We show you how you can overcome your own fears, why voluntary work should be an important part of your business strategy and why a lot of sales talent is not always helpful.

In the current issue of OBTAINER WORLDWIDE, you will also find a great deal more from the global world of network marketing. So sit back and browse through our current articles.

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