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India and direct sales seem to be like fire and water. For years, MLM companies have been complaining about the lack of clear legal regulations for the industry. For them, it is very important that there is a clear distinction between reputable MLM and fraudulent pyramid schemes. The sad climax of the ongoing legal uncertainties and the arbitrariness of the authorities in India was the arrest of William S. Pinckney (CEO of Amway India) in May of this year. Pinckney has been in custody for more than two months and there is still no official indictment and also no court proceedings.


India offers enormous economic potential. The country with the second highest population in the world at 1.25 billion people is incredibly diverse, exciting and an extremely lucrative market for nearly all industries. In the cover story of our current issue of OBTAINER Worldwide, we go into detail about India, its diverse culture and the economic perspectives, but also the darker sides of this promising national economy.


In addition, the current issue of OBTAINER Worldwide offers you numerous reports and articles about successful and extraordinary companies in global MLM. We report on Mommy's Club, MonaVie, BONOFA, QNET, Origami Owl, Organo Gold and much more. In an exclusive interview, Mark Comer, the high-flyer at Synergy, reveals what he has planned as the next milestones for his business. And you will learn how Hagen Horst wants to truly take off at ViziNova.


Our columns show you how to best deal with different types of sales partners and where some of the most common mistakes are made in network marketing. In addition, our tools will help you to make your own business more successful. We will tell you, for example, how you can organize and hold effective meetings, how to best start a perfect day and how you can act more targeted and focused with a few tips that are easy to apply.


As usual, you will also find in the current issue of OBTAINER Worldwide a great deal of news and features that will certainly give you productive food for thought.


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