ABEVD Elects MonaVie's Mauricio Patrocinio to Ethics Board

Published: 29 May 2013

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ABEVD Elects MonaVie's Mauricio Patrocinio to Ethics Board

Mauricio Patrocinio, MonaVie's vice president of Latin America, was recently elected to the Ethics Board of the Associaçao Brasileira de Empresas de Vendas Diretas (ABEVD) (Direct Selling Association of Brazil), reinforcing MonaVie's commitment to high ethical standards.

The ABEVD which was founded in 1980 has as its mission the enhancement of direct sales through the dissemination of codes of ethics with regard to consumers and direct selling companies. As such, the association strives to ensure that a healthy relationship is maintained between consumers and retailers, it is concerned with training and continuous improvement of its sales channels and that quality products are brought to the consumers and sold at a competitive price.

“I am proud to have been elected to this council and will do my best to promote and protect the ethical basis of the direct selling industry,” says Patrocinio.

The direct selling industry is booming in Brazil and is a positive contributor to Brazil’s economy. The direct selling industry has, for decades, helped improve the lives of people around the world, and Brazil is no exception. In fact, “Brazil is one of the largest markets in the world of direct sales, and our responsibility is to ensure that the industry is constantly strengthened,” says Patrocinio.

Ever since it started business in 2005, MonaVie has been creating premium, all natural products dedicated to promoting health and wellness worldwide. MonaVie takes antioxidant rich juices to customers and distributors in more than twenty four countries along with nutrient-rich weight solutions, and revitalizing energy drinks made from the best and rarest ingredients found on earth. These products, in conjunction with the MonaVie VIEW Antioxidant Scanner, empower people to live healthier, more meaningful lives. Greater meaning is revealed through the company's heartfelt commitment to doing good in the world and by helping children and families in need through the MORE Project.

This new appointment comes soon after MonaVie made a public declaration regarding its Code of Ethics which states in part that “We are a values-based company and pride ourselves on the quality and character of our distributors. Our Code of Ethics helps ensure a uniform standard of excellence throughout our organization.”