Enter the World of Jeunesse …Meet Wendy Lewis

Published: 15 January 2013

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Enter the World of Jeunesse …Meet Wendy Lewis

Wendy Lewis is the face behind Jeunesse - an emerging giant in Direct Selling that is creating new waves and capturing mature markets in as little as three years. In an exclusive interview Wendy Lewis shares her thoughts with OBTAINER.

Congratulations for being named as one of the most influential people in Direct Selling. How rewarding was the journey towards this new accomplishment?

Wendy Lewis: It was an amazing surprise. It was extremely rewarding and I had no idea that I would be named which made the accomplishment even more meaningful.


Earlier this year, Jeunesse acquired GreatLife International. Was the acquisition part of a long term strategy?

Wendy Lewis: The reason we ended up acquiring Great Life International is because they came to us looking to merge with another company. We felt their product was a very strong anti-aging product that worked at the cellular level.


Where does your passion for helping people attain their dreams come from?

Wendy Lewis: Our passion for helping others attain their dreams comes from our own experiences. We know firsthand how much effort and dedication must be put forth to achieve success and we want others who work hard to obtain this as well.


Why do the “Baby Boomers” have a certain inclination to join Jeunesse instead of another Direct Selling company that caters to their market as well?

Wendy Lewis: I think for several reasons: we have leading edge stem cell technology product that is not available anywhere else. Health experts realize that stem cells are the future of medicine. Our compensation is fair and equitable and people can make money fairly quickly. Also, people like what Randy and I stand for.


Tell us how you and Dr. Nathan Newman collaborated in creating your unique line of products?

Wendy Lewis: Randy went to Dr. Newman’s office to get stem cell treatment on his knee. While we were there, we started talking to Dr. Newman about products he had involving stem cells. He let us know that he had a serum. We asked him “how many do you sell a month?” Dr. Newman said “about forty.” We replied, “How would you like to sell about 40,000 per month? We saw this as leading edge technology. When we tried the product and found out how well it worked and how fantastic it was, we realized that anyone using it would never want to stop using it because you wouldn’t like the results if you stopped using it. Dr. Newman knew how to make the stem cell active ingredient, but we collaborated on how to make it absorbent to the skin better and also we included an all natural preservative system. 


How did you come up with such a unique company name?

Wendy Lewis: There was a room full of people who spent hours trying to decide on a name that someone didn’t already have. We liked the idea of Jeunesse because it means “Youth”. Throughout your career, you have built highly successful companies and sold them.


Are you planning to do the same with Jeunesse?

Wendy Lewis: No, there is no plan at this time to sell Jeunesse. This is our “legacy” company that we would like to leave to our family.


How did your background prepare you with the challenges of running your own Direct Selling company?

Wendy Lewis: I had run backoffice support previously and we were the infrastructure customer service, back office, commissions, and shipping for many other companies. We learned a great deal about how to do it and what not to do.


Who’s more involved in the strategic direction of the company - Randy or yourself?

Wendy Lewis: I would say I am.


Jeunesse recently launched operations in Australia and New Zealand. Why are these markets of interest to Jeunesse? What markets will be opened next?


Wendy Lewis: All markets are of interest to Jeunesse, but particularly Australia and New Zealand because we have strong leadership. Australia and New Zealand are a natural fit because we all speak English.

In as little as one month, sales downunder reached half a million dollars.


What do you attribute this amazing feat to?

Wendy Lewis: Great products and great leadership.
Jeunesse came in at number 80 in the World’s Top Direct Selling companies - the youngest company to be recognized in this category.


What’s your secret to success?

Wendy Lewis: It’s a combination of things…being able to have great products, deliver the products without back orders, a compensation plan that pays fairly and people make good money, and owners that listen to the field.


Which markets are you targeting to open in 2013?

Wendy Lewis: Japan, Israel, Indonesia, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, and Peru


What’s the next milestone for Jeunesse?

Wendy Lewis: We would like to be below number forty five in the World’s Top Direct Selling Companies. This year, we have doubled our volume of sales and we would like to double it again for next year.