JEUNESSE Global Holds First Convention in Munich

Published: 25 April 2013

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JEUNESSE Global Holds First Convention in Munich

Jeunesse Global, a provider of cosmeceuticals with impressive anti-aging effects, has been holding so-called European lightning meetings since mid-April 2013 to support European sales partners and to ensure a successful launch in Europe. After stops in Slovakia and Romania, the first convention in Munich will now take place on April 27.

The fact that Jeunesse is now launching in Germany is mainly due to the impressive commitment of one team partner - Beate Emmer. In November 2012, she was made aware of the excellent Jeunesse  products through the top leader Waldemar Warzecha from Poland. At the time, Beate Emmer initially had no intention of becoming active in network marketing, but the effective properties of the products spoke for themselves. A German team was soon formed led by Beate Emmer, who had decided to get started once again in network marketing. 

The team in Germany showed a remarkable degree of initiative. No German language materials were available, so English presentations were translated and the first German language webinars were already organized by mid-January 2013. Also thanks to the support from Janusz Dudkowski and Nedeljko Gustin, the team grew very quickly and Jeunesse management became aware of the activities in Germany. In early March, Beate Emmer received a personal invitation to Las Vegas, where the annual convention of Jeunesse took place.

There, Beate Emmer had the opportunity to take part in a private meeting with Wendy Lewis (COO of Jeunesse) and Randy Ray (CEO of Jeunesse). As a part of this meeting, it was discussed how to proceed in Europe and in particular in German-speaking countries. Jeunesse showed great interest in the development and expansion of European markets and, in this context, assured that all items necessary for this would be implemented quickly and that the European teams will receive the necessary support by Jeunesse.

Jeunesse is very obviously a company that keeps its word, because within a very short time the European lighting meetings were organized and the first convention in Munich was also announced. On April 27, 2013, the event will take place at the Westin Grand Munich starting at 1:00 pm and a number of prominent figures will be present.

The convention will be opened by Darren Jensen (Chief Sales Officer). He will present to the participants the company Jeunesse Global as well as its vision. Then, Dr. William Amzallag (trained anesthesiologist, intensive care specialist and general manager of Europe) will present the company products as well as the scientific knowledge of stem cell research, on the basis of which these products were developed. In addition, Cliff Walker (Ruby director) and Waldemar Warzecha (leading sales partner from Poland) will explain the marketing and career plan of Jeunesse Global and outline further development in Europe. Eric Adler is expected as a coach, who is the best-selling author and renowned trainer for social skills and personality development and will present his cabaret coaching "Nutzt eh nix" in Munich. The event in Munich thus promises to be a resounding success. So far, over 100 partners from the start have already given notice that they will attend. 

If you are also interested to join in the development of a successful company in Europe from the beginning and to take advantage of your opportunity to be a partner from the start, you can reserve tickets for the convention in Munich as follows:

Telephone: +49711 – 79 77 239 or 

+49170 – 53 88 248


After the convention in Munich, additional meetings are planned in May in Antwerp, London, Barcelona and Geneva. You can find more information about this via the aforementioned telephone numbers and e-mail.

OBTAINER will continue to accompany the launch of Jeunesse Global in Europe and keep you up to date on all of the latest developments.

About Jeunesse Global

Jeunesse Global was founded in 2009 by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray and today is one of the fastest growing companies in direct sales and network marketing. Last year, Jeunesse reached 80th place among the world's leading direct sales companies and was also the youngest company that was placed so far up. The products offered are based on scientific knowledge from stem cell research and are included in the so-called cosmeceuticals: cosmetics with a pharmaceutical effect. The flagship product is the Luminesce serum, which regenerates the skin cells at a molecular level and therefore has an excellent anti-aging effect. In addition, Jeunesse offers other anti-aging skin care products, dietary supplements and the Youth Enhancement System, which includes coordinated products for a slower aging process and new youthfulness. The name Jeunesse was not randomly chosen for the company, because the French word means nothing more than "youth."