QNET Teams Up With Avalokitesvara Trust to Build Libraries in India

Published: 04 December 2012

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QNET Teams Up With Avalokitesvara Trust to Build Libraries in India

QNET, one of Asia's foremost multi-level marketing companies, announced that it will be joining Avalokitesvara Trust's work in Ladakh, India as part of its ongoing corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative in India. The announcement was made last November 27, 2012 in Bangalore, India and will be done through QNET's CSR arm, RYTHM  foundation.  

Avalokitesvara Trust is an organization that aims to nurture and educate children in isolated villages of Ladakh and those on the Indo-Pakistan and Indo-China borders. The joint venture between QNET's RYTHM foundation and Avalokitesvara Trust will establish libraries in 15 rural schools in Ladakh, a region where most schools do not have sufficient facilities for educational support and have very limited access to reading materials. The children's lives are often confined to the remote, mountainous terrain where they live. The project hopes to see changes in the life of the youth of the region through the installation of libraries and spaces for effective learning for the existing private, government, and monastic or boarding schools in the area.

Aside from the promised libraries, the project includes the procurement and collection of children's books for libraries, the building of dedicated reading spaces in existing schools, conducting learning modules, art and drama workshops. It will also go beyond the curricular and provide medical camps for vaccinations and treatment for respiratory and skin infections as well as offer children games, toys, sports equipment, art and stationery. They also plan to sponsor individual children including tuition fees, annuals and boarding expenses. The teachers will also benefit as educational resources, teaching aids and training opportunities will be provided with the aim to empower the Ladakhi teachers.

‘’A key pillar of the RYTHM Foundation is education. There are a number of initiatives all over the country to promote education and learning, but very little reach the remote areas of Ladakh. Avalokitesvara Trust has undertaken an admirable but uphill task to help these young children, many of whom travel several hours every day to reach their school, or stay in monasteries and meet their familes only once a year. We would like to help ease that burden in some small way and support their thirst for knowledge through the RYTHM libraries,” said Suresh Thimiri, CEO of QNET India.

Abhigya Shukla, founder of Avalokitesvara Trust, says,“We are grateful to QNET’s RYTHM Foundation for this support. The project hopes to see children in the rural schools of Ladakh enhancing their learning experience and imagination through the activities and opportunities provided by these libraries. They will gain more insight into worlds beyond the standard curriculum in their schools and the isolated surroundings in which they live. We have already started to reach out to Changtang, an especially remote and deprived area of Ladakh, and hope to extend our work to similarly needy parts of Zanskar and Kargil district in coming years.”

Avalokitesvara Trust works on improving educational opportunities and learning environments for children in rural schools in Ladakh. 

Donations for sponsoring a child or a school library are welcome. The team is also on the lookout for volunteers with or without prior teaching experience to work with the children.

For details, visit http://www.facebook.com/avalokitesvaratrust