US$100,000 Raised for Brazil's MORE Project During MonaVie's Regional Event

Published: 19 June 2013


US$100,000 Raised for Brazil's MORE Project During MonaVie's Regional Event

Bringing children up to be respectable citizens in the favelas of Brazil is an uphill task. Millions of families and children continue to experience poor living conditions and constantly worry about finding enough food to eat. But the most challenging task of all is living a normal life that starts with getting an education and landing a well paying job that has nothing to do with drug trafficking or trading in ammunition.

The month of May 2013 was a happy one for the thousands of children who are supported by the MORE Project, which works in the shanty towns of Brazil, when US$100,000 was raised in Sao Paulo during MonaVie's regional event which was attended by more than 7,000 people. CEO Mauricio Bellora shared his vision of the company, whose major purpose is to create “A More Meaningful Life.” He reiterated that “A More Meaningful Life” had everything to do with changing peoples lives for the better and gaining financial freedom was just the tip of the iceberg.

The 2002 Brazilian movie entitled “Cidade de Deus” portrayed the life of a gangster called Li'l as he rose to become the dono of a notorious street gang in the Favela of Cidade de Deus in Rio de Janeiro. The film uncovered in vivid detail how the children of Brazil are exposed to drugs, crime, and violence at a very early age. It went further to portray the century old neglect and inactivity of the administrative powers which had led to the flourishing of these gangs. Li'l's life was shaped by such a society, and the only thing he had to aspire to was becoming the boss of a gang that traded in cocaine, hand guns, grenades and AK 47 rifles. Surrounded by the ever thundering and echoing sounds of gunshots he died the same way he had lived. Short. In dishonor. In violence.

Believing that children are the hope of the future, The MORE Project works to build faith in the communities that live in the favelas. To-date the Brazilian project serves 5,090 meals per week, 700 servings of MonaVie are provided weekly and 529 children are in one of its many educational programs. Sergio Ponce, MORE Project's Brazil Director, was grateful for the donations received from attendants and from MonaVie Brazilian distributors.

Thanks to their continued support and dedicated giving, many of the children and teenagers are excelling and eventually breaking out of the cycle of poverty. The MORE Project in Brazil has taken a step further and has forged relationships with trade schools and colleges to gain scholarships for the youth, enabling them access higher education, in the hope that they will learn a trade and get a good job to enable them provide for themselves and their families.

The MORE Project was started by Sergio Ponce, who impressed by the example of his mother Cecilia Ponce, dedicated his life to building hope for the Favelas children living on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. MonaVie started supporting the non-profit MORE Project soon after Dallin Larsen the founder of MonaVie started the business in 2005, in an effort to give back to the country that gives it its core ingredient. Acai berry. 

Although the government of Brazil initiated the Growth Acceleration Program in 2007 that works to rebuild the slum communities in the hope of triggering social change, as Mauricio Bellora, chief executive officer states, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. Donations received go towards meeting administrative expenses of The MORE Project, alleviating the sufferings of impoverished people and promoting their health, while the government continues in its struggle to provide for the people by building houses, constructing roads, providing sanitation and transportation for the neglected poor of Brazil.

There are many ways to give MORE, from Click for Kids, to Sponsor A Child, Brazilian Donors, Give Now and Mobile Giving. Whatever your choice, you will be contributing to building a better society tomorrow. Find out how you can give MORE here: MonaVie MORE Project.