X926, XANGO's New Game Changer

Published: 31 July 2013

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X926, XANGO's New Game Changer

XANGO, a leading developer of mangosteen-based wellness products, recently revealed clues about their newest product X926, which the company believes will be a game changer. The newest addition to XANGO's roster of premium products, X926 is poised to be unveiled during the company's BOLD International Convention, which is set to take place in Salt Lake City this coming September.

What exactly is X926? Little is known about this product. Aside from announcing that their game-changer is an anti-aging product, the company has kept the details under wraps except for a few teasers released recently.

The most recent one is a video where XANGO Chairman and CEO Aaron Garrity reveals a few clues as to what this revolutionary product could be.

"What if there were a way to put ingredients together that actually address every aspect of the aging process, and actually, not only address them, but help reverse them. Would you have a winner? Absolutely," Garrity said enthusiastically.

Judging from Garrity’s statement it looks as though XANGO’s innovative anti-aging product will take a different approach to tackling the adverse signs of aging. Will this anti-aging product supplement XANGO’s already existing skin and hair care range, Juni, or will it be a stand-alone product? Only time will tell.

To know for certain, be sure to attend XANGO's BOLD International convention on September 26 - 28, 2013 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.